Exhibitions and Galleries

The Art of Seating: 200 Years of American Design | Classroom to Market: 20 Years of Innovation in... Realspace essay / Stephen Nowlin Realspace evite Foreign Posters booklet, circa 1937 Foreign Posters invitation, circa 1937 Paul Gauguin catalog, 1937 Paul Gauguin invitation, 1937 Will Connell - "In Pictures: A Hollywood Satire," 1937 Society of Typographic Arts - Chicago, 1937 Columbia Pictures - Lost Horizon, circa 1937 Jack Martin Smith, circa 1937 U.S. Camera Exhibition, circa 1937 First International Exhibit of Scientific Photography, 1938 American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1938 Kem Weber, circa 1939 S. Macdonald-Wright - Drawings and Paintings, circa 1940 Mariette Lydis, circa 1940 Harry Hartman - "Grotesque Architecture," circa 1940 Man Ray, circa 1940 44 Techniques: An Exhibition of Advertising Drawings, circa 1940
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Exhibitions and Galleries


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Although Art Center held exhibitions since the early 1930s, it was not until 1985 when a formal department was established with a full-time director, Stephen Nowlin, a 1978 graduate of Art Center's Fine Art/Painting department, who is the VIce-President and Director of the Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery.

At the Pasadena Hillside campus, most exhibitions were displayed in Room 216, which was shared with Transportation Design. In 1991, in need of more permanent exhibition space, the Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery was designed and constructed in the space that was previously an outdoor atrium. The Williamson gallery opened in 1992 with an exhibition of works by Christopher Le Brun.

As of 2015, Art Center maintains six gallery spaces: the Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery, main student gallery, undergraduate Fine Art galleries, the Public Programs gallery, Hutto-Patterson Exhibition Hall (in the 870 building), and the Wind Tunnel Gallery.

Various staff and faculty work on the different exhibition spaces, but below are the full-time staff working with exhibitions:
Midge Quenell, Gallery Coordinator, 1970s - early 1980s
Stephen Nowlin, Vice-President, Director Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery, 1978 - present
Julian Goldwhite, Associate Curator, late 1980s - present

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The Exhibitions fonds is a top level archival unit that encompasses everything in the Archives documenting the various exhibitions and galleries at ArtCenter, beginning in the 1930s. Under the fonds-level are the following collections: Exhibitions collection and the Exhibitions photograph collection.

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