Unidad documental simple 2004.23.2893 - Ford: Thunderbird Project. Erwin Lui (TRAN 1982) presenting his final work.

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Ford: Thunderbird Project. Erwin Lui (TRAN 1982) presenting his final work.


  • 1981 (Creación)


Transparency, Slide, 35 mm

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Developments at Art Center, October 1981: Transportation Design Majors Address "Project Thunderbird" for Ford This term advanced transportation design students are involved with a realistic project from Ford Motor Company. Called "Project Thunderbird," the assignment asks them to design a 1986 model, capitalizing on the strength of the Thunderbird name in the marketplace, while recreating a clear design identity for a vehicle which has been transformed many times over the years--from a sports car to a sedan to a personal luxury car and so on. The structure of the assignment required the students to function initially as a group to research and develop a new product plan for the new Thunderbird and to reach a consensus on the direction the design should take, then to work as individuals to create design solutions within the agreed-upon guidelines. The principal supervisors are Robert Zokas, luxury and mid-size car design director for Ford Motor Company, and Allen Ornes, luxury car design manager. The instructors involved are Keith Teter and Richard Hutting.

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