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Graduate Media Design Practices Department Thesis
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The scarlet letter : a transmedia commentary on type, identity and culture / by Claire Myoung-Jung Kwon (GMDP 2004).

The Scarlet Letter is a trans-media commentary on type, identity and culture. It discusses the birth of the Chopsuey typeface as a pseudo-nationality of Far East Asians and its application to Asian Americans for over 100 years in the U.S. The Scar...

Kwon, Myoung-Jung

Make up circuit / by Qingyi Li (GMDP 2016).

Make Up Circuits is a systematic form of communication that starts from the skin. Using on-body technology and conductive make-up, the project enables users to construct circuity connections across their body surfaces, including the face and limbs...

Li, Qingyi

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