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2degrees advice network / by Jennifer Mary Tarara (GMDP 2004).

A new mobile information system and interface that allows users to save and share advice and information with members of a personally defined network. 2degrees can keep track of personal details, connect with permission to the databases of friends, and access the kind of things friends would know when they aren't available. (Description from Media Design Program website.)

Tarara, Jennifer

Alteract : the new training tool for actors / by Matt McKissick (GMDP 2004).

Alteract is the first really new system for training actors to emerge in more than a generation. For one thing, it's the Actor's Studio in a Box: an interactive, networked, affordable, accessible tool for the novice and the professional alike to hone the crafts that actors have used for millennia. (Description from the Media Design Program website.)

McKissick, Matthew

Artificial motion in physical mutation interface / by Link Huang (GMDP 2012).

Situated in a near-future autonomous automobile, Dash Garden is a system of interactive objects that are physically responsive to both the user and the environment. At the point where active information display and active user input meet, the system transforms raw data into a personal ecology of shape-shifting devices.

Huang, Link

ASOTYPE : animated system of typographic picture education / by Yoonsun Joo (GMDP 2004).

ASOTYPE is an innovation in graphics, images, and text in motion that communicates vital information in a compelling and involving way. ASOTYPE does not try to replace the existing sign system, but improves it and gives users the power to create their own unique, individual ASOTYPE. ASOTYPE is not symbolic but readable, its animated characteristics rendering it both more intuitive and more communicative. (Description from the Media Design Program website.)

Joo, Yoon Sun

Blindspot : an audio information system for the automobile / by David Keady (GMDP 2005).

Blindspot is an audio information system for the automobile. It provides sound cues that address safety, car status, navigation, and other location based information. Sonification is the use of nonverbal audio to convey information. The Geiger Counter is an good example where the rate of clicks indicated particular levels of radiation. (Description from Media Design Program website.)

Keady, David

Cinephonic design : First Words / by Theodore Alexopoulos (GMDP 2007).

Cinephonic is the name for a collaborative approach to music-based filmic narratives that challenges the music video and reinvents the musical. First Words is a short film that uses the cinephonic approach: the vision of director/designer Theo Alexopoulos was developed in tandem with the words and beats of hip-hop artist Matre and producer Jericho-J. First Words depicts the struggle of a musician trying to find his voice in a world without individual freedoms.

Alexopoulos, Theodore

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