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This series consists of letters from George Jergenson's employment at GM Styling and Art Center School, as head of Industrial Design. The Art Center period covers promotional campaigns, recruitment and employment opportunities at design firms...

Family, 1936-1957, 1969

This folder contains letters between George and his family members, mainly to and from Theda. The 1969 correspondence relates to their move to Detroit after leaving Art Center.

Sketchbook, 1977

This is a sketchbook of compositional studies of various locations including Holmby Park, Santa Monica Pier, Pres. Conf. Grounds, and the Pacific Palisades bluff. Additionally, there are sketches of boats and cars.

Family documents, 1929, 1964

This folder contains memorial bookmarks from John A. and Jenny Jergenson funerals, in addition to George's high school commencement program from 1929.

Departure from Art Center, 1969

This folder contains multiple drafts of George and Theda's recounting of events that led to George's "bad faith" departure from Art Center. George writes extensively about "complications" at Art Center, details the se...

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