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Gather : a place to traverse the uncontrollable for family caregivers / by Heejeong Seong (GGFX 2018).

Gather is a service for family caregivers. The service allows them to release their anxiety by sharing their true feelings with others who are in the same boat. The service launches with an installation that serves as a confessional space, a place to gather intimate with strangers and recharge mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead.
The service itself consists of an app and website. Family caregivers are
able to keep in touch with their own process and that of strangers by exchanging stories-updates anonymously whilst also being provided with informative guides about cancer and forms of treatment. They can also request help whenever they need it to medical experts in regards to symptoms, nutrition, diet and so on 24/7.

Seong, Heejeong

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