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Art Center Publications Series
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At Art Center

"This is a new publication that will come to you three times a year. Our purpose is to talk about what is current at the college." (from Volume 1, no. 1)

Inside five issues of 'At Art Center' was the alumni newsletter 'The Horizon Line' (November 1970 - July 1975). Specific issues are marked with an asterisk in the holdings list under 'Notes'. There is a separate catalog record for "The Horizon Line" which also contains the digital copies.


"The Bulletin is a new bi-weekly publication intended to keep students, faculty and staff informed about activities on campus" (from the October 10, 1983 issue). It became weekly in 1986. The Bulletin was produced by the Public Relations Department.

Public Relations

Catalogs and Viewbooks

The catalogs and viewbooks describe ArtCenter and its programs, curriculum, and faculty. Student work is always featured, as well as alumni work in some of the catalogs. The books are sent to prospective students, so admissions requirements and forms are included. All of the catalogs and viewbooks were designed at ArtCenter, either by staff in the Design Office or consultants.

Developments at Art Center

"Developments [at Art Center] will go monthly to Regents, Executive Board and Advisory Committee members and a few other close friends to give current news about Art Center." (from the December 1970 issue).


Dot was first published in 1996 by the Office of Alumni Affairs as a bi-monthly broadside. It features articles and updates about alumni as well as current events about Art Center. The first issue deals directly with the closing of Art Center (Europe). Dot changed to a quarterly publication in 1999, although there is no issue 13 and the final issue in this format is 14. That issue from 1999 spotlights David Brown’s presidency, from 1985-1999. In 2000, the format of Dot changed to a magazine style with no issue numbers. Instead individual issues were differentiated by Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The reach was broader, going out to “alumni and friends.” With the magazine style there was more room for stories, so the content covered a wide range of mostly current stories about ArtCenter and alumni. In 2005 the format changed again and began using issue numbers, starting with 011 (there was no 1-10). The content usually included the following sections: “Spotlight,” “Features,” Student work portfolio,” “Q&A,” and “Found Dot” (where people would submit a photo of the orange dot somewhere on campus). Under this format, the final issue was 19, and it was redesigned for a new Fall 2011 issue. Published twice a year, the new format has as section on alumni and faculty work titled “Around the World,” features on students, projects, and initiatives, and a section on campus news. Beginning in Fall 2015 the content changed to include more in-depth stories on alumni and students, and less about campus news. An online component was created that links to the articles from various issues.


Art Center magazine that features news, spotlights, and alumni profiles.