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The Installment

The Installment is a typically monthly newsletter published by the CSE to be hung in bathrooms on campus. The broadsheet consists of activity announcements, life hacks, upcoming events, and health and wellness tips.

Bridge, 2008-2018

As part of Art Center College of Design's ongoing community relations efforts, the 'Bridge' is mailed triannually to our friends and neighbors in the City of Pasadena to provide information about Art Center's programs and events, many of which are free and open to the public. (from the Fall 2008 issue)

Internal Communications

Series 10 contains the internal communication component of Public Relations. Notable in this series are the Third Thursday Newsbriefs that are distributed to the Art Center community every month and spotlight Art Center news and events.

Public Service Announcements

This series contains proposals, storyboards and pre-production notes for possible Public Service Announcements. The folders are titled with the agency or organization when available.


The ArtNight files consist of brochures, meeting notes, and correspondence documenting ArtCenter's participation in the citywide cultural event.


The Papers Series contains one file. However, more papers are saved digitally.

Designmatters Endorsed Courses

Before Designmatters was its own academic concentration, it endorsed courses in various departments. Series 3 contains information on these courses.

Other programs and events

This series consists of other program and events that fall outside of the programs in the other series. These were either short-lived programs or one-time events.

Scripts and Pre-Production

This series contains scripts, storyboards and pre-production notes created by students.


The Projects Series is the bulk of the collection. These files do not contain finished projects, but rather the planning documents, such as: planning documents, correspondence, proposals, budgets, and files on collaborators (people and companies). The files in this series also not a complete record of all of their projects from 2002-2011, but only contain what was transferred to the Archives.


  • 14-RG 14.04-3
  • Séries
  • 2003-2019
  • Parte de Library

This series contains documentation on grants received by the Archives, including proposals, budgets, final reports, and white papers.


The Events series mainly contains invitations to fundraising events, including all of the printed materials for the Car Classic series.

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