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The reports in Series 2 include Admission Statistics reports, statistics on enrollment, grades, and inquiries by prospective students.

Portfolio Review Logs

The restricted Portfolio Review Logs in Series 3 list all the prospective students by the date they brought their portfolios in to be reviewed, and whether or not they were accepted.

Printed Materials

The Printed Materials in Series 4 are mainly handouts to prospective students, including brochures and “View”, which is geared toward high school students.


Series 5 consists of general recruitment posters. The 2006 posters feature artwork by alumni Calef Brown (ILLU 1988) and Ann Elliot Cutting (PHOT 1987).

Administrative Files

The few files in this series consist of administrative records and reports from the Public Programs department.

Art Center at Night

The Art Center at Night series consists of the course catalogs beginning in 1983 to the present, as well as brochures and and announcements about the program.

Art Center for Kids

The Art Center for Kids series consists of catalogs from 2001 to the present, blank certificates, program postcards, and course materials for the Imagine Mars classes which is a partnership with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Aimed at grades 4-8, the Saturday High Program course offerings include everything from drawing, sculpting and photography to architecture, graphic design, film, and digital media.

Art Center for Teens

The Art Center for Teens series consists of catalogs from 1981 to the present, as well as some posters and flyers related to the programs. The program consists of 10-week classes for high school students including: foundation courses in drawing, painting and illustration, and introduction to the design process through courses in advertising, graphic design, film, letterpress printing, photography, and environmental, product and transportation design.

Design-Based Learning

The Design-Based Learning (DBL) Lab is a community resource for teachers, principals, parents and others involved in educating K-12 students. At the Lab, educators are taught in all subjects and grade levels the Design-Based Learning methodology, which taps students’ natural creativity to develop higher-level thinking and enhance comprehension of the K-12 curriculum. In addition to year-round professional development courses and workshops, the Lab has hosted lectures and events exploring such topics as the relationship between classroom design and student academic performance.

This series consists of program materials for the Summer Institute for Teachers, which is part of the DBL. The Summer Institute for Teachers is a five-day, intensive program in this time-tested methodology. Its goal is to tap students’ natural creativity to develop higher-level thinking and enhance comprehension of the K–12 curriculum.

Other programs and events

This series consists of other program and events that fall outside of the programs in the other series. These were either short-lived programs or one-time events.

Library Administration

  • 14-RG 14.01.01-1
  • Serie
  • 1981-1998
  • Parte deLibrary

The files in the Library Administration series contain information about planning and statistics related to the library. Of special note are the files on the library at Art Center (Europe).


  • 14-RG 14.01.01-2
  • Serie
  • 1985-1999
  • Parte deLibrary

The bulk of the Correspondence series are David R. Brown files which include memos sent by Galloway to Brown, memos from Brown to Galloway and to the Vice Presidents, and memos to and from the Board of Trustees.


  • 14-RG 14.01.01-3
  • Serie
  • 1988-2001
  • Parte deLibrary

The Committees series contains minutes of the Curriculum Committee, minutes of the Vice Presidents meetings, and minutes and newsletters of the Student Government which document planning and changes in the way Art Center operated from the mid 1980s to 2001.


  • 14-RG 14.01.01-4
  • Serie
  • 1971-2002
  • Parte deLibrary

The Reports series consists of various reports from departments within the school, including enrollment statistics (for international students, Art Center at Night, and Saturday High) as well as independent consultants' reports.

Printed Materials

  • 14-RG 14.01.01-5
  • Serie
  • 1976-1999
  • Parte deLibrary

The Printed Materials series includes miscellany related to Art Center collected by Galloway. Of note is the booklet "Teaching at Art Center" by Warren Barr Knox.


  • 14-RG 14.04-3
  • Serie
  • 2003-2019
  • Parte deLibrary

This series contains documentation on grants received by the Archives, including proposals, budgets, final reports, and white papers.


Series 1 has materials from Art Center's main exhibitions, featuring many prominent artists. Some of these exhibits are traveling, and some are curated by Art Center staff and guests. There is a gap in our collection between 1955 and 1976. An exhibit on Richard Avedon's photographs was an important event for Art Center, shown just two months after the opening of the Ellwood building in 1976. Also historical was the Christopher Le Brun exhibit in 1992 that launched the new Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery. Beginning in the early 2000s we began more partnerships with neighboring Pasadena institutions, such as with Neuro, 2003 and ear(th), 2004 (both collaborations with Caltech), The Universe, 2001 (with related exhibits around Pasadena), and In the Dermisphere, 2007 (part of a Pasadena festival: SKIN: Art and Ideas).

Student Exhibitions

Series 2 contains invitations and announcements for student exhibits from 1934 - 2004. The early records are mostly for an annual exhibit of student work from all departments. Most of the later records are for individual student MFA shows. This series is incomplete and contains records that were gathered together in 2003. Other materials for student shows may be found in individual department collections. The regular Grad Show announcements are found in the Graduation collection.

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