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Katherine Bennett: River Journey Map of SP20

A description, using one of my generative research tools, of switching to online classes during a single week in March, 2020. The tool uses the metaphor of a river journey as an aid to help a research participant tell the story of an experience. In this example, the experience is my own, a test of my converting a physical deck of custom-made cards into an online tool. In this case, the tool worked and we are using it in my courses.

Bennett, Katherine

Paula Goodman transcript

Paula Goodman discusses her early years growing up in Los Angeles, her school years, and her professional life in advertising and education. She talks about early influences in her life which seeded her lifelong love of learning and led to her becoming an educator. She reflects on her experiences at Art Center in the Advertising Department, both as a teacher and an acting Chair. Finally, she describes her role in the expansion of Art Center’s Extension Programs (formerly Public Programs).

Goodman, Paula

Future pasts : reimagining the user experience in archives.

Final publication for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant project titled "Reimagining the User Experience in Archives & Special Collections: Best Practices for Library Collaborations with Designers."

Nancy Lilly transcript

Nancy Lilly discusses her early career with the Los Angeles Art Association and as an art model. She talks about her years at ArtCenter as Manager of the Model Office and reminisces about faculty and models. She gives insight into the job of art modeling and how a skilled model can facilitate and enrich a painting class.

Lilly, Nancy

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