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Jergenson, George
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This series contains personal materials including biographical notes with ancestral origins and lists of events written by George and Theda, including their transition to Detroit . General Motors bonus receipts, a handwritten ledger of earnings and taxes until 1974, and detailed accounts of his departure from Art Center are also present.


This series contains original paintings by Jergenson, as well as a few items from other artists. Also included is a list of titles, dates, and other details for slides of Jergenson's paintings.


This series consists of letters from Jergenson's employment at General Motors Styling and Art Center School, as head of Industrial Design. The Art Center period covers promotional campaigns, recruitment and employment opportunities at design firms, visits on and off campus, design collaboration, program development donations, fellowships, and scholarships. The GM period covers travel, training and recruitment, lectures, design development, and interoffice memos. Occasional course outlines, meeting minutes, and expense reports can be found. Of interest are embossed letterhead designs, circa 1930s-1970s.

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