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Thompson, Joseph
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Book 6 - Industrial design societies, Society Art Center Alumni, travel, student projects

This book contains clippings, correspondence, brochures, and photographs related to Jergenson's professional organizations, The Society of Art Center Alumni, an Art Center trip to Europe, and student projects. The section on professional organizations begins with a handwritten brief history of industrial design societies, especially S.I.D. and IDI, and his participation in them over the years. In 1959, he and Strother MacMinn travelled to Norway, Sweden, England, Italy, and France on behalf of the Industrial Design Department and the trip is documented with correspondence and photos. Much of the images of student work are clippings from Art Center catalogs, but also included are photos of Jergenson teaching classes. Of special interest are photographs of students building and testing watercraft for the 1961 Catalina Project.

Book 5 - Freelance designs, trip to Japan, Art Center, visitors

This scrapbook covers Jergenson's freelance career as well as a trip to Japan for Art Center. Photographs, handwritten notes, and advertisements document the many projects he worked on including appliances, automobiles (American Motor Co.), airplanes (Pan Am), boats (Outboard Marine Co.), and advertising. In 1956, Jergenson travelled to Japan with Tink Adams and John Coleman to advise on the design of export items. They visited over 30 factories in six and a half weeks. Photos of the trip are accompanied by an itinerary, student lists, a Kabuki program, and a brochure for the Suehiro Grill in Tokyo. Also included are photographs of notable designers visiting Art Center.

Book 4 - Publicity - General Motors Train of Tomorrow and the Art Center College of Design

This scrapbook contains publicity, mostly newspaper and magazine clippings, about the Train of Tomorrow and Art Center. The Train of Tomorrow section covers 1945-1984 (bulk 1945-1947), and includes an inaugural luncheon program, a booklet listing industrial partners, and a full-color, 16-page brochure. The Art Center section covers 1949-1966 and includes clippings from magazines (general interest stories and scholarship contests), an article about the early General Electric project, plus a few letters to Jergenson. Of interest is a photograph of Battista Pininfarina and a handwritten anecdote about his 1964 visit to Art Center.

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