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Hoffmitz Milken, Leah Folder
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CDs of student work from courses taught at Otis College of Art & Design and ArtCenter.

Hoffmitz Milken, Leah

Independent Projects

Independent projects completed by Vera Kwok, Matt Gilbert, and one other student (project unlabeled).

Hoffmitz Milken, Leah


Stationery set for Launch.

Hoffmitz Milken, Leah

Q:sis Corporation

Stationery set for Q:sis Corporation Security Industry Specialists.

Hoffmitz Milken, Leah

Rand Corp.

Stationery set for The RAND Corporation.

Hoffmitz Milken, Leah

Client Work #1

Graphic materials, including letterform and logotypes, for various clients. Items include pencil sketches, plaka drawings, negatives, and final designs. Clients include Andresen West; Outreach (1992); Times Square Center (1990); Mikasa; Naples, It...

Hoffmitz Milken, Leah

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