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Reflexive interactions / by Linda Yoon (GMDP 2007).

ARON: Music Lives in the Cloud is a music sharing system that enables ambient, non-task oriented listening experiences through networked biomorphic light forms and a presence interface. ARON was created with a methodology called Reflexive Interactions which positions interaction designers as social agents. The needs of music collectors were used to develop conceptual prototypes designed to create delightful disruptions in the collectors' everyday lives.

Yoon, Linda

Transmedia portraits of the mundane : people knowing, technology interventions, alternative portraits / by Luke Johnson (GMDP 2009).

What can a Civil War Society in Philadelphia reveal about online social networking? Why design a GPS system that gets people lost? How can you hear a city hold its collective breath? Portraits in People-Knowing deploys technological interventions to create unexpected portraits of people's lives.

Johnson, Luke

Right at hand : tangible interfaces for digital collections / by Parker Kuncl (GMDP 2009).

At Hand is an array of interactive devices that allow users to gain access to digital archives that are geographically and thematically disparate. The physical interfaces and hosted experiences, derived from the strategies of the wunderkammer, prototype how real-world objects might be used to interact with digital collections, and vice versa.

Kuncl, Parker

This, that, and the others : building simulations beyond the if/thens to the how so's / by Aurelia Friedland (GMDP 2012).

We live in a world of if/then’s, from our engineered landscapes, networks, and systems to the tools with which we design them. This, That, and the Othersuses narrative simulations, built in Google SketchUp, to imagine techno-urban landscapes that look beyond the if/thens to the how so’s.

Friedland, Aurelia

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