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Art Center for Kids

The Art Center for Kids series consists of catalogs from 2001 to the present, blank certificates, program postcards, and course materials for the Imagine Mars classes which is a partnership with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.Aimed at grades 4-8, t...

Grad Books

The student-produced Grad Books contain photographs of the graduating students in the spirit of a traditional yearbook, while rarely an actual book.


These photographs were taken by Simle while he was a student and include portraits of Edward A. "Tink" Adams and Richard Avedon.


Most of these images are copy slides of original black and white photography which he shot while he was a student. Some of the images are reproduced in the Popular Photography profile also in this collection. Also included are three photographs of...

Student Work

The student work files contain samples of sketches, product ideas and class projects.


Series 6 houses student-designed t-shirts that are distributed to new students at orientation.

Other programs and events

This series consists of other program and events that fall outside of the programs in the other series. These were either short-lived programs or one-time events.

Printed Materials

The Printed Materials in Series 4 are mainly handouts to prospective students, including brochures and “View”, which is geared toward high school students.


The Buildings/Facilities files in Series 5 document the remodeling and construction phase of the school.


The files in Series 7 consist mainly of ephemera related to graduation ceremonies. The Speeches file contains graduation speeches from the Director, as well as many of the guest and student speakers.


The directories in Series 2 consist of printed alumni directories from the early 1960s to the mid-1990s.


Series 5 outlines the fundraising efforts made by the Office. It is possible that alumni fundraising records will appear in the Development collection, as they have managed fundraising efforts for many years.

Newsletters and Publications

Series 7 contains the various alumni newsletters and publications published by Art Center over the years.

Sponsored Projects

The Sponsored Projects files in Series 7 contain information on the corporations, projects and students involved for publicity purposes.

Media Summaries

The Media Summaries in Series 9 are packets of clippings compiled by Public Relations to be distributed to other administrative departments on campus. These packets are arranged chronologically, following departmental practice.


The Papers Series contains one file. However, more papers are saved digitally.

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