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Pouchée Ornamented Collection
H_M_C_T_ POC · Colección · 1782

Acquired from the UK-based private press of I.M. Imprimit, the Pouchée Specimen Sheets are a rare collection of antique ornamented types, originally produced at the foundry of Louis John Pouchée (b. 1782, d. 1845). The letters were engraved by hand in the 1820s as patterns from which metal types could be made and sold to poster printers. They are richly ornamented fat-face styles, incorporating images of flowers, fruit, animals, musical instruments, agricultural implements, and Masonic symbols within the letterforms.

Art Students' Drawing Book, 1910
Unidad documental simple · 1910
Parte de George Jergenson papers

This childhood sketchbook of George's was designed to instruct nascent artists in drawing the human figure, animals, landscapes, and lettering. He colored the pictures in crayon, but also sketched in pencil.