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Graduate Graphic Design Department--Student Works
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Language as place holder / by Alexander Seth (GGRP 2018).

What is a Book? What is the future of the book? This thesis investigates the nature of ‘visible language’ in relation to a book, or printed matter. I argue that language (or printed matter) is a placeholder upon which meaning is cast or ‘made visible,’ and that visibility is an effect of the interplay between imprint and reader. That the nature of ‘visible language’ (or meaning) seems irrevocably bound to its translatability, to its capacity to change shape, to its plasticity in time.

Seth, Alexander

24 seasons / by Yijia Tang (GGRP 2018).

24 Seasons uses the traditional East Asian calendar of 24 solar terms to teach kids and their parents how to become more in tune with the rhythms of the natural world.

In order to create a more harmonious relationship between people and nature, our brand creates tools and products that build a deeper understanding of nature’s intricate seasonal cycles, sustainability practices and healthy lifestyle.

24 Seasons hopes to promote an awareness and an enjoyment of the little things in life so that all humans can slow down to notice the many amazing facets within each year on the planet we all share.

Tang, Yijia

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