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TEDxACCD collection

  • Collectie
  • 2015-2017

TEDxACCD started out as a student-lead initiative to host an independently organized TEDx event at Art Center College of Design. That goal evolved into a Trans-Disciplinary Studio (TDS) course, sponsored by Designmatters and taught by Rob Ball and Petrula Vrontkis in the Environmental Design Department, focusing on the influence of systems-thinking, constructive collaboration and the interaction of ideas. The first TEDxACCD was held in June 2012, the second in September 2015, and the third in November 2017.

Mary Vartikian artwork

  • SPEC 82
  • Collectie
  • circa 1960-1986

Mostly artwork and some documents from the estate of Mary Vartikian, who taught at Art Center from the mid-1950s - 1986. Collection includes: numerous sketches and drawings, Art Center documents and publications, 11 costume design paintings, slides of Vartikian's work and of her teaching, 6 paintings, portfolio of photographic prints taken by Vartikian, 3 photographic prints of Mary Vartikian and George Harris, portfolio of student work, 1 collage (design for "Diggins" painting), George Harris book, "Nonsense and Numbers."

Vartikian, Mary


  • 7
  • Archief
  • 1932-


Exhibitions and Galleries

  • 15
  • Archief
  • 1933-

The Exhibitions fonds is a top level archival unit that encompasses everything in the Archives documenting the various exhibitions and galleries at ArtCenter, beginning in the 1930s. Under the fonds-level are the following collections: Exhibitions collection and the Exhibitions photograph collection.

Exhibitions and galleries

Terry Wild photographs

  • SPEC 122
  • Collectie
  • 1969-1971

The Terry Wild photographs consists of five portraits Wild shot of Art Center faculty while he was a student.

Wild, Terry

Channing Gilson papers

  • SPEC 34
  • Collectie
  • 1951, 1972-1973

The Channing Gilson papers consist of promotional items for his industrial design business and correspondence related to Art Center's fundraising campaign for the new Pasadena campus, a copy of his diploma, and a few Society of Art Center Alumni items.

Gilson, Channing

Art Center Publications

  • Collectie

This collection consists of various publications, mainly magazines and newsletters, published by Art Center College of Design.

Mario Perez artwork

  • SPEC 84
  • Collectie
  • circa 1991

The Mario Perez artwork consist of three sheets of sketches by Perez when he was a student for a class taught by Burne Hogarth.

Perez, Mario

Douglas Baldwin photographs

  • SPEC 36
  • Collectie
  • 1978

The Douglas Baldwin papers consist of a book of 22 color photographs, taken by Baldwin, of the dedication of Art Center's James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library and three later photos of the library's interior. An excerpt of the dedication speech given by President Donald Kubly is included. The book is unbound (previously spiral bound) and has a custom slip cover.

Baldwin, Douglas

Roland Giampaoli photographs

  • SPEC 26
  • Collectie
  • circa 1960

The Roland Giampaoli papers are four photographs of, and one sketch by, Illustration instructor Joseph Henninger.

Giampaoli, Roland

Jason Hailey photographs

  • SPEC 7
  • Collectie
  • 1949-1984

The Jason Hailey photographs are mainly images taken by or of Hailey while he was a student in the Photography Department. Also included are a course announcement, syllabus, and photographs from when he returned to Art Center as an instructor. The exhibition announcement is for a photography show he was in with other Art Center alumni.

Hailey, Jason

Sherwin Tilton identification card

  • SPEC 35
  • Collectie
  • circa 2000

Alumni Identification Card issued to Sherwin Tilton for use as a library card. The card is actually a Student Identification Card with the word "Student" crossed off and "Alumni" handwritten above it.

Tilton, Sherwin

Richard Ham photographs

  • SPEC 3
  • Collectie
  • 1941-2001

The Richard Ham photographs are mainly images taken by Ham of location shoots in 1941 (while he was a student) and in 1949 (while he was an instructor). Also included are articles from photography magazines on Art Center projects, Ham's memoirs, and written remembrances of Art Center and Will Connell.

Ham, Richard

Jack Campbell photographs

  • SPEC 62
  • Collectie
  • 1951

The Jack Campbell photographs is one image of Product Design students and a corresponding outline identifying 14 of the students.

Campbell, Jack

Marion Strahl Boyer photographs

  • SPEC 12
  • Collectie
  • 1935-1942

The Marion Strahl Boyer photographs consist mainly of images taken by Strahl during Art Center Photography Department field trips in 1942. Of interest is a trip to Yosemite with instructor Ansel Adams. Also included are photocopies of two magazine articles about Art Center photography students and six advertisements for Art Center School.

Strahl, Marion

Robert Birkenes photographs

  • SPEC 64
  • Collectie
  • circa 1965

The Robert Birkenes photographs are black and white snapshots taken by Birkenes while he was a student at Art Center's Third Street campus.

Birkenes, Robert

R. Thomas Schorer papers

  • SPEC 61
  • Collectie
  • 1986-2010

The R. Thomas Schorer papers consist of correspondence, clippings, and cartoons from his time at Art Center as a faculty member and Trustee, 1980s-1990s. The correspondence, much of it photocopies, are letters and memos about Art Center from faculty, administrators, and the Board, including those documenting student unrest over rising tuition and costs. Of note are Virginia Legakes Adams's letters addressed to President David R. Brown and the Board giving her opinions on the state of the school.
Also included in this collection are political cartoons that have been photocopied and altered to comment on the Art Center administration and clippings from Los Angeles area publications about Schorer, Art Center, and its alumni. There are a few memorials for former Art Center faculty, as well as black and white photographs of Schorer and fellow Art Center faculty members Jim Jordan and Wally Bennett.

Schorer, R. Thomas

Ken Eskenazi papers

  • SPEC 127
  • Collectie
  • 1974-1983

Materials collected by Ken Eskenazi that were created by, or related to, Art Center alumnus and former faculty member Paul Hauge, including original drawings from a pinup series, a certificate from the Art Director's Club of Los Angeles, and a photograph portrait of Hauge.

Eskenazi, Kenneth

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