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Type Specimen Collection
H_M_C_T_ TS · Coleção

Individual sheets, booklets, advertisements, and other material showing the use of specific type faces.

Letterform Design
H_M_C_T_ LHM-II-1-14-2 · Folder · undated
Parte de Leah Hoffmitz Milken Papers

Mock-ups of items for Letterform Design, Leah Hoffmitz Milken's design firm, including mock-up of the Letterform brochure.

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Compugraphic Poster
H_M_C_T_ LHM-II-2-F11 · Folder · 1987
Parte de Leah Hoffmitz Milken Papers

Commissioned by Compugraphic, the poster is "a historical timeline showing the development of the letterform "A" from the year 1000 BC to the present day." When it was printed, it was "the world's largest and longest typestyle poster - 6 ft. long x 3 ft. wide." The printer was Andresen Typographics. Items include a press release, planning material, negatives, and a reduced-size version of the poster.

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H_M_C_T_ LHM-II-3-15-2 · Folder · 1995
Parte de Leah Hoffmitz Milken Papers

Sketches and samples of a new typeface, titled Debutant.

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