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Connection / by Qiaokun Huang (GIDP 2015).

This system enables restaurants and other hospitality businesses to offer their customers a reasonably priced virtual dining experience, employing a special optical element, dimensional audio, and lighting along with an easy-to-use interface.

Huang, Qiaokun

Nurture / by Chase Airmet (GIDP 2016).

A baby monitoring system that helps new parents confidently make the most of the time that their baby is asleep. The system tracks, senses, and learns about their infant’s environment, and only messages parents when things go outside of the boundaries they set.

Airmet, Anson C.

MyVibe / by Erin Ballard (GIDP 2015).

A new enterprise that begins with a line of stylish fitness wear for women and enables more meaningful workout experiences through integrated biometric sensing and haptic, audio and visual feedback technologies.

Ballard, Erin

AlgoRhythm / by Joe Kane (GIDP 2015).

A mobile app that allows songwriters to spontaneously capture their fleeting moments of musical inspiration that are often lost and then automatically processes them so that their “song ideas” can be easily revisited in a variety of different musical styles.

Kane, Joseph

Sentinel / by Rich Siemer (GIDP 2015).

A solution for the growing demands of wildland firefighting we can expect in the year 2025. The product and communication system is designed to streamline operations, achieve better results at lower cost, and keep firefighters safe.

Siemer, Rich

Flying car / by Michael Attaway (GIDP 2016).

A new aircraft manufacturing company that begins by employing vertical lift technologies to extend the range of package delivery drones and ultimately evolves to enable the design and manufacture of personal commuter vehicles.

Attaway, Michael

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