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Graduate Industrial Design Department--Student works
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Vengo / by Chen Chen (GIDP 2017).

A hardware and software system that offers ride share drivers a way to gain incremental profits by presenting their riders with self serve products and entertaining interactive promotions.

Chen, Chen

CoFab / by Myungwhan Choi (GIDP 2017).

A system that helps fashion designers and fabric producers collaborate in the production of new garments by employing a hybrid set of virtual and real- world tools that save time, money, and reduce waste.

Choi, Myungwhan

Playmakr / by Gina Om (GIDP 2017).

A new brand and business employing wearable sensors and an online network of services to connect, players, parents, therapists and coaches to work together to promote the optimal health and performance of each athlete.

Om, Gina

Personal best / by Kui Cai (GIDP 2017).

A new business that helps novice runners perform at increasingly higher levels through an integrated system of AI training and personalized running shoes that level-up in performance in concert with the athlete they support.

Cai, Kui

Flux / by Anne Gagnon (GIDP 2018).

A new business that provides an aspirational media streaming platform for e-sports celebrities and their followers. The integrated hardware and software system simplifies production complexities and heightens the quality of both live and recorded performances.

Gagnon, Anne

Flying car / by Michael Attaway (GIDP 2016).

A new aircraft manufacturing company that begins by employing vertical lift technologies to extend the range of package delivery drones and ultimately evolves to enable the design and manufacture of personal commuter vehicles.

Attaway, Michael

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