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Made By / by Sooyeun Kim (GGRP 2018).

America has the fastest growing population of hybrid cultures in the world. With the advent of social media; there is a tendency towards cultural homogenization. This is a process in which smaller, more localized cultures disappear in favor of more popular, dominant cultures, until there remains only one global culture. To sustain our diversity we should really be celebrating our differences. Hybrid cultures produce a generation of individuals who were born and raised in the United States are often called the second generation or hyphenated Americans. These hybrids experience a cultural conflict between their parents culture and the youth culture they live in. Their unique ethnic characteristics and traditions enforced upon them by their parents turn out to be racial barriers that they have to overcome and or embrace in American society. This is an act of assimilation as an attempt to be accepted by society. Often times the end result is an alienation from both their heritage and the American society leading to cultural confusion. We see a need to provide a voice and a familial community for these lost souls. MADE BY is a channel broadcasting the voice of those who are living in between their heritage and young American culture utilizing all forms of media and art.

Kim, Sooyeun

24 seasons / by Yijia Tang (GGRP 2018).

24 Seasons uses the traditional East Asian calendar of 24 solar terms to teach kids and their parents how to become more in tune with the rhythms of the natural world.

In order to create a more harmonious relationship between people and nature, our brand creates tools and products that build a deeper understanding of nature’s intricate seasonal cycles, sustainability practices and healthy lifestyle.

24 Seasons hopes to promote an awareness and an enjoyment of the little things in life so that all humans can slow down to notice the many amazing facets within each year on the planet we all share.

Tang, Yijia

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