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Faculty Council


  • 1997-2018 (Production)

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The Faculty Council started as an Art Center Faculty Advisory Committee to the President as part of the strategic planning process, formed by David Brown. Subsequently it became the ongoing committee with By-Laws, meetings conducted with Robert’s Rules of Order.

ACHIEVEMENTS and Faculty Council Involvement
• Election and term policy of Faculty Council Chairs and Representatives- 1990s
• Student evaluation forms- 1990s
• Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook- 1990s
• Approval of Faculty Lounge and Buildout- 1990s
• Titles for faculty- 1990s
• Great teachers awards- early 1990s
• Development and Approval of Faculty Salary Grid- late 1990s
• Evaluation of Faculty Workloads- 1990s-present (comparison of work-loads across ACAD)
• Faculty Representation to the Art Center Board and representation on key Board subcommittees- late 1990s
• Contracts for both full-time and part-time faculty- 1990s-present
• Service requirements for full-time faculty- 1990s-present (late 90’s, part of early contract discussions)
• Benefits for part-time faculty- 1990s-present
• Grievance policy development-1990s
• Faculty Enrichment and Teaching Advancement grants- 1990s-present
• Student advisement protocol- 1990s
• Student Scholarships- 1990s-early 2000s
• Policies for independent study- 1990s
• Revised By-Laws- early 2000s
• New student and faculty orientations- early 2000s
• Faculty and Chairs performance reviews- policy and procedures- early 2000s-present
• Advisory Reports on education structure, goals and issues- early 2000s-present
• Faculty participation on Chair Search Committees, College Committees- late 1990s
• FC participation in the Education Committee and Educational Policies- 1990s-present
• Establishment of Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) recommended by the Faculty Council- early 2000s (2003), established in 2012
• New Building and Development- early 2000s-present
• Technology Issues- late 2000s-present

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The Faculty Council fonds includes collections of records, photographs, videos, and Faculty Project Grant final projects.

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Copyright held by Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, Calif.) except for the Faculty Enrichment Grant projects whose copyright is held by the authors/creators.

Digital materials and catalog records are made available for educational and research purposes only and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or published without written permission from Art Center College of Design.

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