Gerald P. B. Murison photographs

Marjorie Adams Stotksy on the telephone and a student at the front desk in the lobby.  A poster f... Two students on a location shoot in front of a frieze in Lafayette Park. Clarence Bull (foreground) teaching a class in portraiture. Albert King teaching a class in color. Students observing a studio class with Will Connell (L) and Edward A. "Tink" Adams (R). Gjon Mili at the chalkboard holding one of his prints. Ansel Adams at the chalkboard. A man taking a photograph of the Art Center School Photography Laboratory window. Ansel Adams at the chalkboard holding a box of GE Mazda photoflash lamps. Ansel Adams teaching a photography class. Ansel Adams teaching a studio class. Otto Halmer in a photography lab class. Ansel Adams and Edward A. "Tink" Adams in a print crit class.

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Gerald P. B. Murison photographs


  • 1942-1943 (Produção)


50 photographs

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(1923 June 30 - 2019 March 4)

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Gerald P. B. Murison (PHOT 1946) first attended Art Center School as a Photography student from 1942 to 1943. Because of World War II, he returned home to Vancouver, B.C. and three months later was in Newfoundland as a Photographic Officer with the Royal Canadian Navy. After the war, he returned to Art Center on a full scholarship for the 1945-1946 term.

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The Gerald P. B. Murison photographs are 50 black and white images (negatives and prints) taken by Murison and other students from 1942 to 1943. Of special interest are the photographs of his instructor Ansel Adams in the classroom. Also in this collection is a series titled A Day in the Life of an Art Center Photo Student which shows Murison at home and school.

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