Coleção SPEC 2 - Irene Vermeers papers

Edward "Tink" Adams working on a drawing with students gathered around him. A rendering of a proposed new Art Center campus designed by Kem Weber. Kem Weber is reviewing the architectural plans for the proposed new Art Center campus with a stud... Kem Weber showing the proposed new Art Center campus model to Lionel Banks (R). Architectural dra... Students working on the architectural model for a proposed new Art Center campus designed by Kem ... Kem Weber (L) showing the proposed new Art Center campus model to two men. Architectural drawings... Joseph Henninger with a student. Barse Miller discussing a painting with a student outdoors. Students drawing from a male and female model in formal attire. Hanging on the wall are student d... Edward Kaminski (L) has set up an array of materials for students to view. Students are holding f... A student working on lettering. A close-up of a student working on an ad for Zeiss Binoculars. A poster advertising Triton Motor Oil by Barton West (ADVT 1937). A painting of a woman sitting in a chair by John Hubley (ADVT 1936). Kem Weber (L) showing the architectural model of the proposed new Art Center campus to two guests. Edward "Tink" Adams looking at the architectural model for the proposed new Art Center ... A student working on an advertising piece for California Bank Travelers Cheques in "the Nigh... Two women at the U.S. Camera exhibition in the school gallery. Portrait of Irene Gutterman (PHOT 1937). Edward "Tink" Adams discussing a painting with a man.
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Irene Vermeers papers


  • 1935-1937 (Produção)


2 linear feet (7 boxes)

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(1912 April 2 - 2008 October 9)

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Working as the school photographer to help pay tuition, Gutterman documented Art Center’s faculty, students, student work and classes across all academic departments. A number of her images appeared in the 1937 catalog. In the early 2000s, Vermeers donated over 200 of her original prints and negatives to Art Center. Her collection contains some of the earliest photographs we have in our College Archives and serves as an excellent document of the 7th Street era. In addition, she donated her original camera and tripod that she used as a student. It was at Art Center that Irene met her future husband, Art Vermeers, who studied industrial design. They married after graduating, and went on to start a family. Irene Vermeers died at the age of 96 in October 2008. (Excerpted from the Dotted Line blog, March 7, 2012:

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The Irene Vermeers papers consist almost entirely of photographs of Art Center School in the mid-1930s, especially faculty portraits and student work. Some of her images were less formal and capture rare candid images of students. The bulk of the collection is photographs of an Industrial Design Department class project from the mid-1930s taught by Kem Weber, whose objective was to design and build a model for a future Art Center campus to be located on Wilshire Boulevard.

Also included in this collection are Art Center Photography faculty Al King's color theory notebooks and the camera and tripod she used as a student.

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